MAIN GOALS: At the end of the seminar, participants will:

  • gain a general knowledge about the history, geography and society of Mexico, as the roots of the Mexican culture
  • understand the impact of culture on every aspect of people’s lives, everywhere around the world, and specially in the business environment
  • learn different cultural dimensions or areas in which cultures may differ, and ways to use these dimensions as tools for better intercultural understanding
  • identify the main differences and potential problems that US Americans might face when interacting with Mexicans in the working environment
  • learn about the Mexican business environment, the labor force ideology and its origins
  • develop effective negotiation and communication techniques for their interaction with the Mexican businessman, manager and worker


OFFERED TO: US American executives



  • Highly interactive theory sessions
  • Individual activities
  • Team activities


DURATION: 8 hours



  1. Mexico’s outlook
  2. Mexicans and US Americans: Mutual Perceptions
  3. Man and culture
  4. Cultural dimensions: Tools for Intercultural Understanding
  5. Mexicans vs. US Americans in the Working Environment
  6. Mexico’s Business Etiquette and Protocol
  7. Review, Evaluation and Close


GOUP SIZE: Up to 20 people


COST: US$2400. This cost includes the instruction, and printed materials. It does not include hall rent or meal cost, or the instructor’s traveling costs.


NOTE: The program may include the Globesmart Assessment Profile tool, at an additional cost of 60 USD