Inspired by her experience as a member of Cast C 95 on the international organization, Up With People, Liliana Cantú returned from a year of travelling and interacting with people from over 30 different countries and being hosted by families in over 70 different cities among 8 different countries, with the desire of devoting herself professionally to the concept of intercultural collaboration and international hospitality. Therefor, after a couple of years of developing professional experience, and under the umbrella of our sister training and consulting company, TAC, S.A., she founded Inducción Cultural México (IC Mexico), offering Relocation Services and Cross-Cultural Training on October of 1998.

Through our operating years, Mexico has transformed from being mainly a recipient of expatriate executives and families from one or two main origins, to an exporter of talent to other countries, and the host of companies and individuals coming from all corners of the world.

Also, for the last decade, the awareness and legislation in Mexico around the topic of Diversity and Inclusion has developed the need for adequate training and consulting, and IC Mexico has had the pleasure of being a local pioneer in the D&I topic in Mexico.

Approaching our 20th anniversary, we continue with a strong inspiration in our work, and a conviction that now, more than ever, intercultural competence is key for personal and professional success in our global world.