In today’s world, one of the main challenges faced in the business environment is interacting with other cultures. Managers and employees don’t even have to leave their country; in their own location they will come in contact with colleagues, suppliers and clients from different parts of the world, either face to face or virtually. The skill to interact effectively with other cultures, and to do it in a culturally appropriate way, is what determines our intercultural competence.

But to be culturally competent, we first need to be able to recognize how our own culture influences us, not only in our actions, but also in our perceptions of others. And we also need to have an appropriate framework to identify and understand the cultural characteristics of others, so that we can find ways to overcome our differences with them, an even more, to capitalize on our diverse styles.

The Foundations of Intercultural Competence training aims to develop that cultural self-awareness, along with providing useful tools to start identifying, understanding and managing cultural differences in the workplace.



Managers and employees who interact or will interact with individuals from other cultures in the workplace.



-Interactive theory sessions

-Individual activities

-Group experiential activities

-Case studies



4 hours


-Challenges of the Global Company

-Intercultural Competence

-Ethnocentrism vs. Ethno-relativism

-5 step Model towards Ethno-relativism



20 participants



1,400.00 USD This cost includes the instruction and printed materials. It does not include hall rent or meal costs, or the instructor’s travel expenses.